Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Demand Cult Christmas via Netflix

Thought I'd throw together a quick list of holiday cult movies that are available to watch on demand via Netflix' streaming service...

There is no denying the cult status of this Christmas classic. Chevy Chase turns in a hilarious performance once again as forever mis-adventuring Clark W. Griswold. This is one that is always in general rotation around the holidays at our house. If for nothing else it is worth it to watch as all the mishaps inevitably catch up with Clark resulting in him blowing his stack and losing his holiday cheer... after which he delivers one of the funniest and most often quoted holiday rants in cinema history.

Die Hard & Die Hard 2: Die Harder
NYPD Detective John Mclane just can't seem to have a calm Christmas in these two unlikely holiday action classics.

In Die Hard, director John McTiernan delivers what he does best good solid action with a believable hero in Bruce Willis' John Mclane. By the end of the film he's beaten the bad guy but not without having the crap beaten out of himself.  Alan Rickman is a treat as the villain Hans and Reginald Veljohnson's Sgt. Al Powell makes for some great moments as Mclane's "sidekick".

Die Hard 2: Die Harder (from the office of stupid movie titles) represents what is the only Renny Harlin directed movie that I will ever admit to liking.  This time John Mclane finds himself again battling bad guys at Christmas time.  Only this time he's at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. and the bad guys are highly trained mercenaries lead by the infamous Col. Stuart (played with ruthless efficiency by the highly underrated William Sadler).  As bonus fun we also get to see a pre-NYPD Blue Dennis Franz as the stubborn airport police officer Capt. Carmine Lorenzo.

Black Christmas
For those of us that like our holiday movies a bit on the darker side comes this exploitation classic from 1974.  Starring Margot Kidder and Olivia Hussey, a group of sorority sisters is terrorized while on holiday break by creepy prank calls.  In classic horror fashion they are eventually picked off one at a time until the chilling climax.

Deftly directed by the late great Bob Clark (who would later direct another holiday classic "A Christmas Story") this one still delivers the goods and every time I show it to someone who's never seen is it still manages to completely creep them out.

The Hebrew Hammer
Adam Goldberg stars in this thoroughly tongue-in-cheek send up to 1970's Blaxploitation films.  Mordechai is a Jewish superhero detective who finds himself battling Damien, the psychotic son of Santa (played with over the top glee by Andy Dick), who is hell bent on wiping out Hanukkah forever.

If your sense of humor is a bit twisted... this one is funny, it's completely absurd, and it's loads of fun.

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