Monday, November 29, 2010

Jeff Bridges returns in TRON: Legacy

Great article from The Daily Mail looking at the evolution of Jeff Bridges' career and why he's so excited about rerpising his role as uber-game designer Kevin Flynn in the upcoming TRON: Legacy.

I can't deny that the original TRON was one of my favorite films growing up and I was all at once skeptical and excited when I heard that a TRON sequal was in the works. My fears were laid to rest rather quickly when it was announced that Jeff Bridges would be reprising his role from the first film and it was not going to be some sort of glorified cameo. Frankly, I don't think I've ever seen a Jeff Bridges movie that I didn't like and with 5 Oscar nominations under his belt that span the entire length of his career you can't really argue with the man's talent. That being said when it was further revealed that he would not only be playing Flynn at his current age but also a 30-year younger version of himself I was again skeptical, but after seeing the most recent trailer and reading this article my excitement still far outweighs my skepticism.

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